Dating for Truckers

Truckers can have a difficult time forming lasting relationships because of the demands of their jobs. Being on the road for days, sometimes weeks, can make dating for truckers difficult for even the most lovable guy. Some tips and suggestions to assist in finding and dating that perfect someone can include:

Don't Be a Player

Just because you have many regular stops on your trucking excursions does not mean you have to have a girl in every port. Choose one special someone or, if you are unsure of what type of person you want to date, casually date two or three individuals. If you are not inclusive with someone, be honest about the situation, and when it changes, let that special individual chosen know just how much she means to you.

It's All About Location

If you decide to just exclusively date one person, the best place for this person to reside is in your hometown. Sure, you can date individuals in other towns that appear on your routes, but routes change and you may find it difficult to maintain any type of relationship when you only see this person on an occasional basis. But sometimes love just doesn't work the way you want it, and you may fall for a person who lives at one of your frequent stops. This will require extra effort on your part, but it can be done if a trucker is totally committed.

Do All the Small Stuff

Even if you cannot be with your new love interest, there are ways and means to keep the passion alive. Call her often, text her, and pick up small gifts at the cities where you stop. Be especially loving and attentive right before a long haul. Make a big deal of coming back to town by buying her fresh flowers and taking her out to a nice dinner. If you are on the road during holidays, make it up to her before you leave or as soon as you get back.

Be Trustworthy

Truckers dating someone specific may be gone for long periods of time. There may be many temptations at the many stops that are made. Establishing oneself as someone who can be trusted and who can focus on those who are important to him is extremely necessary in this scenario.

Be Informed

A trucker can make himself more interesting if he is updated on local, national, and world news and can speak intelligently on many topics. People in this profession have something many wish they had, and that is time. Long hauls can be boring and uneventful. Instead of just listening to music, turn to news channels to keep updated on current events. Purchase or rent CDs from the library to learn new and interesting things. The potential for truckers to learn to speak another language, become an expert on a specific topic, or just to be very educated and informed is very high if this opportunity is taken advantage of.

Take Care of Yourself

Some may have a visual of truckers dating that is not very complimentary. On television, they are often portrayed as large, coarse men in faded jeans and dingy flannel shirts. Help do away with this impression by always showing up for dates clean-shaven, dressed nicely, and smelling wonderful. Stay in shape by working out during layovers and down-times.

Dating for truckers does not have to be difficult. The secret is to communicate often and make enough time and spend enough energy to keep those sparks of interest alive. Even though you may not always be physically there, the small things you do and the messages you send will go far in making that new love feel special and secure.

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